ways for kids to make money

Who among you often wonders, can you get money when you were in high school?

The answer can be really. Especially in the modern era like today, where many things you can do to scoop up the coffers of money even though still a student.

Therefore, this time DuitPintar will share information on how to earn extra money even though you are still a student. These include:

1. Author
Writing hobbies and many say your writing is good? It's a pity if your expertise is wasted.

Because it would be nice if you use your writing skills to scoop up the money coffers, one of them being a freelance.

Especially now that already a lot of sites that will pay for your writing such as Uc News, Getcraft, Babe and more.

For example one article you valued Rp 30 thousand, if you write one day one, meaning in one week you will get additional money amounting to Rp 210 thousand (Rp 30 thousand x 7).

Really not right?

2. Blogger
Have a blog and have lots of followers? It's a pity if you just leave it alone. Because you can get from your blog, you know.

How to do?

Since the beginning of creating a blog, of course you already have a concept or focus on one area such as fashion, cosmetics and others.

For example if you are a makeup blogger , you can focus on product reviews . Give the reviews are complete and attractive with so sooner or later there will be a brand that offers services to endorse .

Not bad if for one endorse you are paid Rp. 500 thousand.

3. Online shop business
Now much can be done to get money, one of which is with an online shop business .

Well, you can start trying a small online shop business like clothes or hijab which is now selling very well on the market.

4. Credit sales
Credit sales can also be one of your alternative ways to get additional money.

You can offer your classmates first. This business usually quickly spreads mouth to mouth.

Not bad if one school buys credit with you, even though the profits are small but if you buy a lot you can make a decent amount of money.

5. Internet cafe keeper
Go home from school, why do not you get extra money for one of them by being a cafe keeper.

In addition to money every month, you can also use the free internet you know. Not bad so do not need to spend money if you want ngerjain PR school.

6. Service type
You can type and fast and neat? Well, you can really use your skills to open typewriter services.

Only with a laptop, you can already collect money. Fairly so right so do not need to ask for money again with parents snack?

7. Shopkeeper
One other way you can do to earn extra money is to become a store clerk.

Instead of you being confused about going home from school, what are you doing, better use your time to get money right.

Within a month you can pocket income Rp 500 thousand - Rp 1 million you know.

8. Teacher of the child
English bride? Hmm ... why don't you use your English language skills to get extra money, one of them being a children's tutor.

If you only come for one time, you are paid Rp 100,000 and there are three children in one month eight meetings.

Means that in one month you can get IDR 100 thousand x 3 = IDR 300 thousand x 8 = IDR 2.4 million.

Not bad can be both money and share knowledge as well. No doubt about it.

9. Dropshipper
Do not have enough money to open an online shop but want to earn extra money?

Don't be discouraged first, because you can still make extra money anyway by becoming a dropshipper .

Not out of capital but make money. When are you trying?

10. Work at the cafe
You can also make a choice at the cafe to get additional money.

It's pretty good if in one month you can earn IDR 1.5 million to IDR 2 million. Wow, can you pay for your own school tuition fees?

11. The babysitter
Like the kids? Even you can bathe and persuade children to want to eat. Hmm ... why don't you try to be a babysitter?

Besides making happy because you like children, you can also make money right? You can get additional money of around Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 700 thousand a month.

12. Photographer
Many say that your shots are good? Do not hesitate again yes to earn extra money to be a photographer.

Not bad if you get paid Rp 500 thousand to Rp 1 million for prewedding services .

13. Packing and transfer services
Now many people choose to use moving and packing services for moving home.

Well, you can take advantage of this moment to work on moving services. You can get a fee of Rp 200 to Rp 300 thousand for one move.

14. Driver online
Take the vehicle to school? Why don't you just become an online driver ?

Not bad if in one day you can take five passengers? Not to mention tips given.

Wow, if you collect it for a month maybe you can get more than Rp. 1 million.

15. Food sales
Can you make snacks like donuts, rice cakes and more? You can send your home made food to the school cafeteria.

If only one meal you profit is Rp. 500 and every day 30 meals are sold. Means that in a day you can pocket IDR 500 x 30 = IDR 15,000.

So do not need to ask snack again deh same parents. Right right?

Well, that's 15 ways to get additional money for those of you who are still high school students. Even from that income, you can already pay your own school you know. Wow!



ways for kids to make money

3 Methods: Make Money at Home Make Money in Your Neighborhood Make Money in Your City

So you're a bit too young to start selling stocks, but you're old enough so you need a little income. What will you do? Well, you're lucky. There are dozens of ideas waiting to be implemented. Read it!

Method 1 Make Money at Home
1 Do house chores. In addition to your weekly or monthly snack money, ask your parents if you can do extra work to earn more money. Make sure you discuss specific things!
Negotiate your acceptable price. But consider your limit - if mowing is valued at Rp 100,000, - once, this does not mean you can mow the lawn 3 times a day.
Get paid to clean the page. This could mean sweeping leaves, picking up trash, or getting rid of useless items in the yard.
Wash your parents' car. They will gladly pay you to do this instead of going to a car wash. However, you have to invest money to buy washing utensils, such as a sponge and a bucket.
Clean the whole house. You can offer cleaning the house to prepare for a party, or do it spontaneously. However, if you did not discuss this with your parents before, then maybe you will not be paid. Conversely, you can also be paid more for doing good things like this for them!

2 Write a book. Yes, this one does look too difficult, but actually it can be done, and in fact, this has been done before. You do not have to write a classic Greek book - you just write a book.
Yes, your parents must help you print and publish it, but this is all about file and red ribbon affairs. After your book is published, friends, family, and neighbors would want to buy a coffee. And who knows? Maybe your book will become popular!

3 Resell your goods online. If your eyes will be sharply priced and sharply sold items, this could be a good option for you. If you have something now that you do not use but may be used by others, it means money. If you don't have one, look for it.
Start to be an expert shopping. If you see an attractive offer, buy it! The netbook sells for $ 85? You can sell it online for twice the price after the Black Friday period. You do need some money in this case, but you will benefit in the long run.
Again, you will need parental help. To have an eBay account, you must be 18 years of age or older. Ask your people for help. They may be impressed on your business instinct!

4 Recycle. Okay, this might not be the most profitable way, but it's very easy to do. All your soda, friends, and family (and neighbor) cans cost 5 cents for each tin. 100 cans means Rp.50,000. And all you have to do is drink soda!
Ask your family or close neighbors to store their cans for you - they may be happy to recycle and not have to go to the store to do it themselves.

Method 2 Make Money in Your Neighborhood
1 Start taking care of babies or pets. If you are old enough and begin to be trusted, you might be able to start caring for other children and / or pets. Babysitting may be difficult - so if you are not experienced, keep caring for your puppy.
If looking for a pet care job is difficult, try to take the dog for a walk. Your elderly neighbor will not forbid Fluffy to walk in the afternoon. Some adults are too busy or physically unable to take their dogs for a walk - ask if you can do it for them at a low price.

2 Use the seasons to benefit you. If you live in an area where there are 4 seasons, you are lucky. Every season has something that can make money - you just have to work outside!
Ask your parents, neighbors, and family friends if you can cut their grass during spring and summer, sweep leaves in autumn, or shovel snow in the winter. You will need a lawn mower, a ground fork, or a shovel, but the houses you visit may have it for you to use.

3 Join the neighborhood bazaar. You have lots of idle toys behind your closet, which you haven't played for months, piled under clothes that were too small from last year. So why waste space? Sell the toys!
Search for local newsletters, newspapers, or events. Sometimes these are just a few blocks away . You can book a place or ask adults if you can borrow a little of their space - but you have to come to the show to help them!

4 Do small tasks and work for neighbors. This is the time when you present yourself to be very important. If Mr. and Mrs Wheeler from the end of the road know that a physically capable young man will mow their grass, wash the car, help paint the garage, or go to the pharmacy for them with pleasure (and a reasonable fee), they may not will call family members or professionals for help.
Tell the neighbors you know (avoid talking to strangers!) That you are looking for some small work there and here. Most people want to get things done but keep looking for reasons to postpone them. Ask them what you can do and tell them that you will be happy to help.

Method 3 Make Money In Your City
1 Use your surroundings. If you are in an area that naturally produces something that people want, take advantage. Not everyone has these resources, if you can pay close attention.
If Mistletoe grows in the hills around your house, start collecting it! You can start the feel of a vacation by traveling from house to house and selling it. If the beach is near you, think about what you can do with sand, shells, or other beach objects.

2 Be a newspaper deliveryer. You will have to get up very early, but the money is worth it and this is a good sport. You may know someone who has done this before - if not, then that means you have not asked enough!
You may be able to get delivery routes around your neighborhood. Ask your parents about this and look for options in your local newspaper.

3 Tutor. If you are brilliant in a subject, you may be a tutor for younger students - at any school in your area, if you own a vehicle. Explore the world online and talk to your teachers - they might even show you some kids who need help.
Maintain your good values! If not, you might no longer be able to become a tutor. Who knows learn can make money?

4 Selling handicrafts. If you are artistic, use it well. You have to work from a child's point of view, or maybe make a very, very good work, but both are a good way to make money. Choose your craft type and get around in your neighborhood, show off your dimpled smile and white teeth. Who can refuse to buy what you sell with a face and smile like that?
Think of holiday days. What can you make and maybe people will love for Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year? Can people buy your handicrafts as gifts for others?

Use the task book while you are doing your home tasks. It will be easier to do it with this book.
Give a reasonable price; your parents will not pay a fortune just to clean your furniture or your room.
Have your parents sign a contract. Make sure this contract says that you get paid for every task you do, not only if you do all the homework in a day. This will help you get paid. It will also show you how serious you are!
Do the tasks without waiting for them to tell you, and they will most likely give you money.

Make sure the prices are approved first, to avoid later arguments.
Do not overcharge, or you will have trouble getting a job or selling your things.
Do not preoccupy running a business.



ways for kids to make money

Business Ideas , Starting a Businessyoung business , business for teenagers , how to make money for teenagers , business ideas , start a business
When is the best time to start a business?

For me, the best time to start a business is when teenagers / young as possible. Why? Because when I was a teenager, someone still had plenty of time to study and fail. Imagine, when someone starts a business at the age of 55, then the business fails and drains the person's money. How many risks and dependents must he bear?

Nevertheless, that does not mean we cannot start a business at a young age. (also read: Starting a Business at a Young Age .)

So, if you are young and want to start a business, what steps should be taken? What businesses can teenagers start? Here's the full answer. If after reading this article you have a question / want a discussion, you can contact me via email. Please contact me on this page : contact page .

I first did business at the age of 14. At that time I was in third grade junior high school, going to high school. The business I run is selling blogging services. So, I provide services for anyone who wants to create a blog. At that time, my clients, among others, micro-SME business and MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Although the results I got from the business were not many, but I got many valuable lessons.

This is a business idea / ways that teenagers can make money. Teenagers I mean in this paper are those aged 12 - approaching the age of 20 years.

1. Become a Les Privat Teacher
When I was in my first year of college, I found several friends who were lecturing while teaching. They work as private tutors. Generally, they work on a part-time basis. So, in the morning until noon they go to college, then in the afternoon they teach. Fields are also diverse. Some are doing general school lessons (such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) to special lessons (such as music or foreign languages).

If you have enough knowledge (even many) in a field, then you can teach. Especially if you really like interacting with children or friends of your age, you can be a private tutor. To get started, you can contact the course providers / les around you. Ask if they have vacancies for part-time teachers. If available, then you can start from there.

2. Sell Design Services
Well this is suitable for you who likes or have skills in the field of design. I have several times to use the services of designers on the internet. The average I employ is designers who are still in school / college. Design services that you present for example: book cover design services, logo design services, banner design services, website design services, and more.

The most you need to get started is design skills . Make sure you are able to use apps like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or image processing app. If you are able to create logos, book covers, or other designs, you can start selling your services. You can sell services through your social media account (eg: on Facebook), on your blog, or using sites like,, and so on.


To know what price you should offer, you can research on freelancer sites on the internet. You can choose to sell according to the market price, or you add a special component in your price. Examples of these particular components are your design authenticity, length of time, work difficulty, and more.

3. Become an Article Writer
One of my college friends became a writer at He also get income from the writings that he loaded in the media. The emergence of many online media makes this business potential grow. You can be a writer in the online media that many emerging. You can work as a part-time writer / contributor.

Or another method is that you provide article writing services. Your job is to create content for a particular company / business website. You will be paid based on the number of articles you write.

Usually, the rate used is per 100 words. Suppose the rate per 100 words is 4000 Rupiah. Within a month, you write 20 articles, each article with 600 words.

Thus, for a month you write 12,000 (20 articles x 600 words). If per 100 words, you get paid 4,000 Rupiah, then in a month your income is 120 x 4,000 Rupiah = 480.000 Rupiah. That's if you serve one client, imagine if you serve multiple clients at once. The more the number of orders the article, then of course the greater your income.

I once run this business (when high school). The skills you need are writing skills. If you really like writing and want to read a lot, then you can go into this business. All you need to do is offer your services. You can offer services through blogs, social media accounts, or freelancer sites that exist on the internet.

4. Selling Online
Doing business online shop into one of the trends in young children. Young people are familiar with social media, so they also use social media to sell. When I was in high school (even during college), some of my friends also pursue online shop business. Yes even if there are successful or fail, it is commonplace in business.

All you need to do is you can sell certain items on the internet. The goods you sell can be fashion , accessories, books, DIY products ( Do it yourself ), handicrafts (such as flannel ornaments, key chains, pins, etc.), as well as other products. For those who like to play games can sell game accessories, supporting equipment (such as mouse and other equipment).

To get a product, you can work with certain online stores that are already large or from other product suppliers. Forms of cooperation that can be done in the form of dropshipping , reseller , and others.

For sales media, you can sell using social media, your own blog / online store, buying and selling forums, or even WhatsApp or LINE accounts.

5. Become an Affiliate Marketer
This is similar to selling online. It's just that, your job is more to market a product. For example like this. I have an online writing course on . In this course I guide people to become writers and publish books. Well, you can help get a member for this course. Every time you successfully bring a member to my course, you will get a commission from me. Well, that's the commission that became your income .

So, your job is to market a product. When the product is sold thanks to your efforts, you will get a commission . One of my book readers, still in high school, managed to get his first 500 thousand when running affiliate marketing.

Testimony of one of the book readers Affiliate Marketing Capital Kneel.

To become an affiliate marketer , you need to work with the owner of a particular product. The owner of this product can be a large online store (such as Amazon, Lazada, Mataharimall, etc.), certain websites (like my web page), or other parties. Once you are registered as their affiliate marketer , you can start marketing their products.

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, please read my book this: Affiliate Marketing Capital Kneel .

6. Become Blogger
If you love to write, then you can be a blogger. You can create a blog with a specific topic, then you monetize the blog. My friend, an English education student, made a blog about learning English. The blog he started while still in college majoring in English education. When he graduated too, the blog still generate income for him. My friend monetized the blog with the Google AdSense program.

If you have a blog that people visit, you can work with business owners. You can invite business owners to advertise on your blog. Or, you can also become a publisher of PPC advertising ( Pay Per Click ) on the internet. By becoming a publisher of PPC ads, you will show ads on your blog. When the ad is clicked by a visitor, you will be paid a sum of money. Examples of PPC advertising service providers, for example: Google AdSense, Infolinks, IdBlogNetwork, and many more.

Want to be a blogger? Want to be guided step by step? Let's study on this site: . You can learn for free.

Free online blogging courses, visit the site.

7. Become a Social Media Admin
Technology can be a promising business field for milineal generation. Why? Because we are already familiar with technology since we were born / grow. One of the business ideas in technology is you provide social media admin services. You are in charge of managing social media accounts for accounts on the internet (whether it's a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LINE official, etc.). Your clients can be business owners of SMEs around you, blog owners / webs who have no time managing social media accounts, or other parties in need.

The task of a social media admin is usually:

post content for social media accounts,
reply to messages / comments from followers / audiences,
To run this business, the skills you need include: the ability to use social media for marketing purposes, the skills to bring content, and you must be familiar with the social media you manage.

For business content you need not worry. Why? Because the content can usually be obtained on the internet. You just need to rewrite / reproduce the content.

My advice: make this business a stepping stone . That is, once you get used to managing social media accounts, improve your skills. It is not impossible that one day you will become a social media specialist or even a digital marketing consultant that serves big companies. Don't forget to learn communication and public relations skills .

8. Become Buzzer / Influencer / Endorser
You must have seen Instagram accounts, Twitter, or other social media that mengendorse certain products / figures. Especially in the season before the election, then began scattered buzzer who campaigned a certain political figure. If you are interested, you can live this kind of profession. Your task is to endorse a product / character / an idea (idea) particular.

In order to perform endorse activities, you need to have lots of followers in social media. Why? Because the more your followers, then the company / character will be more interested to use your services. Typically, this buzzer / influencer / endorser is mostly lived by the artist / public figure. Their rates are also very expensive for one endorse. Per endorse can reach millions of Rupiah.

If you're interested in running this business, then start developing a social media account with a specific segment. Suppose you target your social media account for the youth segment, the young mother segment, office workers, etc. Then increase your follower count. After your followers quite a lot, then offer endorse services. You can offer endorse services through the description / bio of your social media account, through a special website, or by joining certain platforms / introductions, such as at

Site you can use to get clients who want to use your endorse services.

9. Become a YouTuber
YouTubers also include professions that you can pursue. This profession is synonymous with work full of passion , spirit of work, and very young people. Besides being a blogger, I also took part in becoming a YouTuber. You can do the same thing too.

Where's the money coming from ?

The income of a YouTuber is usually obtained from advertisements / sponsors. This advertisement / sponsor can be obtained from:

join the Google AdSense for YouTube / YouTube Ads program .
sponsorship of a particular company / brand .
For the first way, the YouTuber will monetize its channels and videos. So when you watch the YouTuber video, you will see an ad. This ad is advertising from YouTube, its ads can be displayed at the beginning of the video, in the form of banner ads on the right side of the page, or banner ads in the video. Every time you watch an ad / click on the ad, the YouTuber will earn an income.

As for the second way, YouTuber can work with certain business owners / products. Well, later the business owner's product will be promoted in the video of the YouTuber. The form of promotion can be in the form of video reviews, product placements, and so on. Sure, the business owner must pay the YouTuber.

If you are interested in being a YouTuber, you need to do something like:

Start your YouTube channel . Focus your channel on one particular topic, it could be a topic you're interested in. Suppose if you like photography, then you can create a channel about photography. Next, fill in the channel with your videos.
Increase your video viewership . After you regularly upload videos to YouTube, then share the video in other places (such as on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The goal is that you immediately get a video audience. Do not forget, invite the audience was to subscribe in your channel.
Start monetizing videos . After your audience is quite a lot, then you can activate the monetization feature on YouTube. That way, you can immediately serve ads on your channel.
If you're interested in learning more about YouTube, you can read and subscribe to articles on my blog: .

10. Become a writer
This idea is suitable for those of you who have dreams of writing and publishing their own books. Where's the money coming from ? The money will be obtained from the sale of the books you wrote. In essence, your income is earned from royalties.

What is the concept of an author's work? How much is the income of an author, and how to start being a writer? Please refer to the following articles.

How much Passive Income Can a Writer Get?
How to Become Author: 5 Stages of Writing and Publishing Books
How to Become a Writer: 3 Publishing Paths You Need to Know

11. Become a Photographer / Videographer Freelancer
This idea is suitable for those of you who have photography / videography skills. Your job is to serve clients who need photography / videography services. You can choose either, whether it's photography or videography. Or if indeed you control both, then you run both these services.

Of course the skills needed are photography or videography skills. For this videography skill, for example the ability to make interesting video concepts, take pictures, and include video editing skills. You can serve photography / videography services for weddings, corporate events (eg gathering with customers), graduations, and so on. Or you can also become a specialist in photography of fashion products, culinary products, and so on.

Again, one of my classmates also pursued this business. He has been a freelance photographer since he was in high school. If you are interested, you can try the same thing.

Other Important Things ...
Of all the ideas above, each idea has a different level of difficulty and process. If you want money fast, then ideas like opening an online shop, selling photography services, selling design services, selling article services are a great idea. Why? Because you can immediately start and sell immediately. When your services / products are sold, you will instantly earn money.

But for ideas like being a writer, blogger, YouTuber, or being an endorser is not an instant process in a matter of days or weeks. For example, to develop an interesting blog, have many visitors, it takes months.

Another consideration in choosing a business idea for young people is to find out a business that is roughly suitable for you . I chose to be a blogger, YouTuber, and writer because I really like and have skills in that field. You can choose the areas of business that best suit your interests.

About skill need not worry. As long as you are diligent and willing to learn, you must master those skills. I've proved this. Some of my skills (such as the ability to write, develop websites, digital marketing), I learned self-taught.

The most important thing is you dare to start and want to study in that field .



ways for kids to make money

Money, MONEY, is a word without which we can feel gloom, 'they' are very well known in the eyes of adult businessmen to small children, we all know what money functions - that is one of the benchmarks of one's success. In this metropolitan era, age does not affect one's success, does not recognize the high degree, and does not see the status of people. Whether friends are still on high school education, friends can with great effort, make money, both in the real world and the 'virtual world'. The virtual world here means we make money through online. Uuuwaahh !! It turns out we can make money online.

Why are students under 18 looking for money?

With today's adolescent thinking, they should have creative thinking, highly skilled, high competitiveness, and curiosity.

With these four factors, friends are already able to start doing business online. Where when friends have been successful, the result of the best effort can be to add pocket money friends, buy school supplies. and the most important. Buying Experience.

Unfortunately the teens are now using the internet to play games and social media . It may also include you, now many students who overdose time for ngegame and social media. No need to ask, even small children in my habitat alone already have a smartphone.

Let us imagine, on average we are interneting about two-three hours per day. Means that if it is calculated for a year, we are addicted to the internet around 10800 hours per year. And what do we get from the 10800 hours? Everything only contains empty things.

Don't Waste Your Time, Bro.

Now we think, why don't we use the 10800 hours for beneficial activities that bring profit?

Therefore, let's, with me, and friends, learn to do business. Here's a complete list: 10 business opportunities for students under the age of 18!

1. Do a Survey and make money faster
Survey is one of the fastest ways to make money in just one hour. And students are very likely to become surveyor candidates. Simply by issuing an opinion of friends given by the company.

We can work on surveys to generate dollar coffers. Survey. How to work Survey here usually you are given a question, and available some answer choices. You need to choose one definite answer among several options.

Read Also: 8 Online business ideas for Housewife

2. Come on, make money through PTC (Pay To Click)
Maybe you are still too "small" or relatively still a child, and you still stutter technology and the internet world such as blogging, writing articles but want to work online. PTC is the easiest way. In the paid to click program you need to do just click on each ad provided by the provider. Then you will be paid every single ad you click. Easy is not it? Although this is a quick way to make money, but there are some weaknesses if you use this PTC.
The number of ad providers is very small
Maximum, friends can only get 5 ads per day
You will only get 0.01 dollars per click, to buy a fry need to be repaid

Or you might have a friend or join a particular community, you can use "refer link" to recommend your friends to want to follow paid to click programs. If he signed up thanks to your "refer link", you will get an additional 50% commission for successfully inviting your friend.

3. Play a game and earn money, don't believe !?
If you love playing online games, some of you may know that games can also provide sustenance. See the fact that game developers will hire some gamers to play online for several hours. Then you are told to express your opinion about online game reviews. So developers can improve the quality of the game. This is usually called "sample".

This is natural, because by spending a few dollars, a gaming company can save millions of dollars. So, both game developers and gamers benefit. This is commonly called "symbiotic mutualism".

4. You hobby Photographing, your shots can bring blessings
Hobby Take pictures - just sell

Make money through a camera - For those of you who have talent in the field of photography and aspire to become photographers, why haven't you tried to become a photographer since students? You can go for a walk and capture every photo, then you sell via online? If your picture is good, the price can reach a price of up to $ 5. Wow great right? You can get lots of photos just by looking at the surrounding environment, for example: want to take pictures of animals, to the zoo.

5. Article Writing
Write Article and get money

Are you good at stringing words or like writing? it turns out your hobbies can also make money. You can offer article writing services. The article can be in the form of tutorials, news, SEO, Entertainment.

The advantage is that you can work without time-bound, so it's fun. Moreover, the price of professional articles ranges from $ 3 - $ 100!

6. Selling your work is easier on online trading sites
Creative friends creative and creative, the work of friends much preferred? Why aren't friends selling and online promotions at once? The work of friends will not grow rapidly if not to the outside audience. Friends need to promote. There are many ways to make your masterpiece famous
Advertise on television at a price of Rp. 10,000,000 every single time
Advertise in IDR 700,000 newspaper - classified ads
Place a banner, 250,000 for permission, or
Promote online at the lowest cost around free?

Well for that, let's use the internet, there are many sites that we can use for free, either through social media or buying and selling sites, such as and tokobagus?

Yes, Yes, Yes. I know there is a place to buy and sell used goods. But I am sure the masterpiece of a companion is also definitely processed from the goods brisk? So why don't you try it ?! Sendal aja sold on the trade hehehe.
Well, if friends are confident that the creativity of the companions can compete with international creative products, why are not friends introduced to the world on Amazon or e-bay?

7. Affiliate Program, make enough money with recommendations
Method: Earn Money with Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the simplest methods, you can generate high earnings simply by suggesting a product or service to your friends, then you will get a commission of a few percent of the price of the product your friend bought. The term, you are a salesperson.

How the affiliate program works is that you see / buy a product from a site / company. You intend to tell your friend the product with your recommendation. If your friend buys the item or service, then you will get a commission from the provider.

Amazon and Ebay are 2 sites that provide the largest affiliate program. In fact, one of the affiliate programs for blogs.

8. Be Famous and Rich suddenly with Youtube -an
Anyone likes to watch TV, and anyone can not refuse when offered to be an artist. Hmm ... but it turns out tv entry is not that difficult, now there is Youtube, "TV online". The world's largest video broadcast venue, even the top 10 most visited sites to visit, with millions of streaming videos available.

For you who want to make money and become famous at once, Youtube is the ideal place where you can make it happen. Already many people have managed to make a profit through Youtube, simply by linking your yutub channel with adsense.

How Ads Work

How it works at the beginning of each video will appear ads within a video of a few seconds. You will be paid when the video ad is clicked, or based on how much the video ad is viewed.

Now for the types of videos that can be uploaded, videos such as Tutorials, Travel Videos, Culinary Videos, and Entertainment are the most convincing to be successful youtuber.

9. Make Money fun with blogging
Many success stories of bloggers ranging from students, students, to successful housewives through online, most work as full time bloggers. For example Mbak Indri Lidyawati, founder of this juragancipir is a housewife.

But we do not discuss success stories, because it is usually not recorded how and their strategies for success. The most important thing is .. Do it Now!

How can blogs make money? ie friends are told to make articles 'stir' and make your blog famous. And make sure your blog does not violate the law. Then, money.

There are several ways to monetize blogs >> from using advertising providers, affiliate programs, exhibiting products through blogs, SEO contests, and others.

Joining google adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising program owned by Google, Inc. And the largest in the world, Google Adsense controls almost 70% of the online advertising market. And 40% of adsense ads are linked to blogs managed by teenagers. Because it takes an age of 18 years and over who is allowed to monetize using adsense, google allows teenagers under the age of 18 years provided with the consent of parents.
Google Adsense is perfect for a friend's blog because in addition to adjusting to the theme - a friend's niche blog, it also adjusts the interest of visitors. So the more likely the clicks.

Earn more money with Hubpages or Squidoo

Blogging Site

Building a large blog takes a very long time, but, for friends who do not want to need a way that is too gradual, please try Hubpages or Squidoo. These two sites are well-known blogging sites that allow users to monetize their articles with adsense. After you write a professional article and get thousands of visits, your adsense revenue can improve.

Indeed, all the choices of 'business' online are very steep like reaching the top of a mountain, but believe me, when you have reached the top, you will see the beautiful scenery, and the fresh air. As long as we can manage our online and offline activities, I'm sure we can be successful.

I hope some of the above money making friends can help you succeed. Stop wasting your time with monotonous activities, Facebook, gaming, and fuel overdose . Because everything that is excessive is bad and only wastes time.

* actually there are many ways, but what I noted is a general way, aka famous ways to generate extra money without stress. Lots of other interesting methods. For the most convincing method, my advice would be to choose to create a blog then associate with adsense or affiliate programs, and use YouTube because blogs and youtube can be interrelated



ways for kids to make money
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Getting the money quickly and easily is actually not impossible. As long as we know the right way and will try. Because basically wealth does not just fall from the sky.

1. Become a buzzer or programmatically

Already familiar with the buzzer and programming professions, right? That is the term for influencers on Instagram. Instagram can now be used to earn revenue. Like YouTube, you can use Instagram for endorse products.

To do this business, you just have to have a lot of followers. The more followers you have, the greater the chance to get advertising offers.

2. Become a blogger

The name of this one profession must be familiar, right? You can earn money through blogs owned by renting places for advertising.

To be able to get an ad offer, blogs owned must have traffic or a lot of visitors. Why? The small amount of income you have depends on how many people see the ads on the blog.

In addition, you can also rent the services of blog makers in agencies that require. Now many agencies that require websites to introduce or inform the existence of these agencies.

3. Private tutor

Who says how fast can money have to need capital at the beginning? This one way does not require capital at all but can directly get the money.

To start this business, you only have the ability to explain well. You can start from the nearest neighborhood like neighbors.

4. Make use of hobbies

Many people say ideal job is that can channel hobby. How is it not said to be ideal? Though you can get money by channeling your favorite hobby or activity.

For you who are creative and hobby to make artwork, try to sell the results of your work through social networking or buying and selling sites.

You can also be a seller of equipment related to a particular hobby. For example fishing equipment, cosplay accessories, cosmetics for the hobby grooming, gardening equipment, or other hobbies.

5. Jasa content writing

Have writing or writing skills? Just use it to make money. Especially if you have the ability to write with a foreign language. Of course the target area is very wide.

Writing can be a quick way to get money in a day. You can not only write in the country, even abroad can.

Revenue writing is also quite encouraging, provided you can take the time to write. If you are used to it may not take much time. But, if the beginner could be need more practice.

6. Culinary business

Do not underestimate this one way. Although it looks ordinary, a good marketing strategy in selling food can be a quick way to make money.

This business is suitable for you who are in the environment kos, school, and other bustling areas. More skewed in city life, because most of them are workers who spend less time to cook at home.

7. Sell used books

Times have been all digital selling books second hand?

Make no mistake, non-digital book enthusiasts are still many, you know. Because the majority of people still love to read books by touching the physical book directly.

If you have a book that is no longer used, can be sold to not meet the contents of the house. Especially if you are a boarding house child.

8. Sell handicrafts

If your hand has the ability to make a work, of course this skill must be explored. Make the works as a business medium to earn additional income. For example making wall displays, brooches, hijabs, and other accessories.

Especially if the material you use uses plastic waste or other unused waste. The uniqueness and the idea of recycling will make your craft worth more.

9. Translator services

You who have foreign language skills such as English, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, and others can take advantage of their abilities to become translators of foreign language content.

This business is quite tempting. Income received is also quite a lot. You can use it as a quick way to make money without material capital. These business targets are students, lecturers and publishers.

10. Big sale

Like a store, the stuff you have also needs to be washed warehouses. Usually there are only unused items that are piled in the warehouse. Choose which is still feasible and sell at a friendly price. You can choose electronic goods as the biggest source of funds if the conditions are still good.

In addition to getting money faster, you can also at once get rid of objects that you do not need. The remaining space can be used for other things.

11. Work with a tip

There are several types of jobs that provide tips, for example restaurant waiters, hotel maids, food delivery, or SPG exhibitions.

In general, if you can provide services that satisfy consumers, the client will give you specific tips. Therefore, give a friendly waiter if you choose this job.

12. Mortgage items

No need to be embarrassed to mortgage goods. Whatever can be mortgaged, try mortgaged to cover your needs for a while.

However, you also have to be ready to redeem it when it arrives. For that, prepare the funds you have collected later to redeem it.

13. Renting items

Each person must have goods that can be leased to others. Try hiring something you think is worth commercializing, like a parking lot, empty room, studio, baby kit, camera, DVD, motorcycle or clothing. You can set a daily price for a fee in advance.

The choice of fast way to money above can be an alternative for you who need money in quick time.



ways for kids to make money

Making money is what most people want to do. This may be an easy thing for people who have worked and have a fixed income (salary) each month. But what if it turns out that you don't have a permanent job and also a salary, where will you look for the money?

Even though you haven't worked and earned a steady income, you can still earn money in various ways. All of this will certainly require effort and also a high will, because after all money will certainly not come by itself. You need to try and do a number of ways that can bring in these money, of course in the way that is considered the most appropriate.

Here are some easy ways to make money:

1. Being a Freelancer
This has become one of the most popular and widely practiced lately, being a freelancer . Internet technology makes it easy and allows a number of jobs to be completed online , without having to go to the office or face-to-face with them the project owners, so they can do this job anywhere and anytime. There are many types of work that can be selected, certainly the most appropriate with your skills and skills .

Become a freelancer and get some money for every project that is done later. This will not be difficult, especially if you choose a number of jobs that match your abilities.

2. Nurturing Neighbors
Are you happy with children and can they feel comfortable and feel at home with you? This can also be used as a way to make money. Start offering services as caregivers of children, where their parents can entrust their children to you.

If you do not want too much trouble, then you can determine the hour from the beginning, for example, the parents can only entrust their children for approximately two hours every day. This activity will not make yourself difficult, especially if you really like and can play with them. Some money can certainly be obtained from this one job.

3. Selling Cakes
No need to make a bunch of cakes every day, you can even sell a variety of cakes purchased in the market or even pre-ordered to the manufacturer. So in this case, you will only act as a seller.

It will not be difficult, especially if it is happy and able to sell the cakes to the right people. Choose the type of cake that is most popular and does not make it easy to get bored, so buyers will not be lazy and easily feel bored. If you want, you can sell the cakes easily and quickly, ie by visiting schools or places that are often crowded by children.

4. Collecting and Selling Used Goods
To earn money in an easy way, start collecting and sorting out unused items / furniture at home. Do it carefully, and do not sell items that are still needed.

The sales job will not be hard to do, because you can rely on a variety of sites selling online is available on the internet. Simply photograph the items, display and do not forget to include also phone numbers that can be contacted by potential buyers. Furthermore, you only need to wait for the phone and make a sale and purchase transaction easily online or offline .

5. Shoe Cleaning Service
You can also earn money by providing shoe washing services at home. No need to bother and look for customers to various places, just sell the service to the nearest neighbors first, if the work is good, then a number of other customers will surely come and use the service of washing shoes.

Understand the right techniques and ways to wash shoes, so that this work can bring in a lot of money later. This becomes an easy way to make money coming, of course if you do it seriously.

6. Take the Race / Quiz
There is no harm in participating in certain competitions or quizzes that can bring in money. There are a lot of contests and quizzes to follow, from the easy or even the hard one can be found through the internet service.

But make sure you just follow the race and quiz that is not paid (free) course, so that the intention to get money can be done. If you follow the race and the quiz is paid, the intention to get the money can actually end up with some money out there later.

7. Teach Les
This can only be done if it has good academic ability. It does not have to be extraordinarily clever, but to teach you lessons you will have to master certain subjects that will be taught to the children of the participants of the later lessons. If you want, you can teach a number of children who live in the neighborhood first, so it is not difficult to get these tutors.

8. Bicycle Wash Services
You can also earn money by providing a bicycle wash service in your neighborhood. This is quite promising, especially if the kids there are cycling hobby and certainly feel not able to wash their own bikes, is not it?

Look at opportunities
Even if you do not have a steady income, you can make money in various easy ways. This will require a strong will, especially if it has never done these things before. Start observing the opportunities around you, so you can choose one of the most appropriate ways to earn money.



ways for kids to make money

4 Methods: Conducting Business in the Living Environment Being a Les Gurus, Baby Sitters and Pet Guards Get Pocket Money Getting a Part Time Job or a Summer Job

It may be difficult for you to find a way to make easy money in childhood, depending on your age and work experience. However, there are still many opportunities available to you as long as you know the right place to find them. As a kid, to make money easily, try doing homework so you can earn additional pocket money. You can also be a babysitter, mowing lawn, looking for part-time work with low age requirements, or even entrepreneurship (eg opening lemonade booths or handicrafts on the roadside). By looking for creative ways to earn money, you don't need to always ask your parents for money. In addition, some work options can provide valuable experience and help you build a convincing resume.

Method 1 Doing Business in a Residential Neighborhood

1 Open the lemonade booth. In season or hot weather, lemonade booths are usually quite crowded. In addition, by opening a lemonade booth you can also get enough money. Collect your friends and make lemonade for sale in your neighborhood.
There are many factors that influence the business success of the lemonade. The first factor is the location of the booth. You need to set up a booth in a place that doesn't have many competitors, lots of people go by, and clearly visible from the surrounding environment (eg street corners).
Make your booth as attractive as possible. If you feel very creative, build a classic and ornamental style booth using ribbons and banners bearing your "company" name.
Record the funds spent to buy materials, then set the price of the right product so you can get a profit. Make sure you don't set a price that is too high.
Make a menu of products you offer, and try to sell other products (not just lemonade). Maybe you have cookies or brownies that can be sold, or want to offer lemonade with a choice of different flavors. Create a website to advertise your business. Make sure you've got permission from your parents to do business and create a website. To make it, try visiting
Set different tasks for each person. Make a poster and ask your friends to go around and stick the poster, or stand at the end of the street while promoting your lemonade. Make sure there is someone who makes lemonade so you don't run out of products.

2 Selling drinks and cakes on the road. Like lemonade booths, you can also apply the same idea to sell drinks or snacks at community events. Prepare a cooler and sell products or bottled water in the garden when the weather is hot.
If you have a brother who follows a baseball or soccer game, you can come to the game and offer your product to the players and the parents present.
Make banners for your products and your stand with tables and coolers.
Try selling water and juice to earn extra money.
Make sure the price of the product you set makes sense.

3 Create and sell jewelry or other similar products. Gather your friends together and make the works of hasta together. You can make jewelry from beads, boondoggle (accessories from woven), and others. After that, you can sell it in mobile cars, market booths, yard sale venues , and even the internet. Of course you need to ask for help and permission from your parents before selling your product.

4 Sell items that are not needed on eBay or similar sites. Make sure you have asked your parents for permission to sell these items.

5 Hold a car wash business group. Gather with friends in your neighborhood to get money quickly and offer car wash services.
Determine the exact date and make a poster to promote your business. Enter the poster into your neighbor's mailbox and ask each of the friends involved to invite each family to try the car wash services offered.
Determine the right place to wash the car, such as a wide / long car entrance.
Prepare buckets, water, duster, sponges, and other supplies. After that, provide car wash services on the date specified and collect the money earned.
Make sure you only provide this service to people in the neighborhood you know. Also, ask adults to keep an eye on your work.
Make sure you always ask permission to the owner of the car before using cleaning products on his car (other than water).

6 Cut the grass and clean the driveway of your neighbor's house from the snow. Grass cutting service and cleaning the parking area from snow (if you live in an area with four seasons) can be the right way to get extra money easily. Let's just say the service is a business that you run, and look for the name for the "business". Paste posters around your residence to promote your services (including contact numbers that can be contacted). You can also offer the service directly to your neighbor who lives next door.
It's a good idea to provide your own equipment, although there may be some customers who have prepared equipment that you can use.
Offer prices that are balanced with the size of the yard or the entrance of the car, as well as the time needed to complete your work.
For grass cutting services, set a fixed service schedule (days and hours) for each week. For cleaning the driveway of the car from snow, it's good you can finish your work on time.

Method  2 Become Les Teachers, Babysitter, and Pet Guardians
1 Become a tutor for your friends and neighbors. If you feel very good at one subject, or you can play a musical instrument such as a guitar or piano, you can earn extra money by offering to teach the skill to your friends or neighbors. However, keep in mind that even your friends may not have a lot of money so make sure you want to be generous and not set prices too high on your friends.
If you are in a class with your friends and better understand a particular subject, you can offer yourself to teach him and help him do the assignments or learn to face the exam.
If you have a younger brother, you can offer yourself to teach your sister so that your parents do not have to always check the values and duties of their home.

2 Be a babysitter for your neighbors or your parents' friends. One of the most profitable ways to earn money easily at the age of the children is to be a babysitter or child. For starters, offer yourself to take care of your sister, and after you get experience, you can offer your baby or child care services to your neighbors.
Take a baby care course. Some institutions (eg Red Cross ) offer courses and training that give you the skills to deal with children, and teach you what needs to be done if there are medical problems in children. The existence of the certificate will make it easier for you to get a job, and set a higher service fee.
Get referrals from others. Ask your parents to tell their friends who need babysitter services about the services you offer. You can also paste posters around your residence to promote your services.
Think of this as your own business. Find a name for your business and set a fee for the services offered.
Try joining an online baby sitter network like Sittercity .

3 Offer child care services. When school holidays begin, you certainly don't need to go to school, but your parents still have to go to the office. You can take advantage of that moment to get extra money by providing child care services for people who live in the neighborhood. This method will be more effective if there are some friends who can help you.
Keep in mind that not all parents want to leave their children to you throughout the day. However, if you have previously taken care of a baby or child and can be trusted with the task, there may be some parents who want to entrust their child to you.
This method is also considered more effective if you are older and there are some friends who can help you.
Promote child care services around your residence and offer fun activities for children. You also hold a walk to the park for activities (eg playing football). In addition, you can also make handicrafts or art products at home.
You can combine child care services with tutoring.

4 Be a pet nanny or take your neighbor's dog for a walk. If you are comfortable with pets, raising animals or taking a dog for a walk can be a great way to earn money easily. Usually, dogs and cats are pets that need to be looked after or cared for, but people are also sometimes attracted by fish care services, amphibians, reptiles, and others. However, make sure you do not accept offers to take care of pets that you can not keep or care for properly.
Make a poster to promote your business. Insert a poster into a mailbox or bulletin board located around your residence.
Record the schedule in the agenda book. This way, you can find out what animals need to be maintained or cared for at certain times. In addition, also note the type of food and the bathing schedule of the animals (if needed bathing).
Make sure you manage each key properly. Link the suitcase label with the name of the homeowner on each key, but do not specify the address on the label. If at any time you lose the key, there may be other people who can do evil and come home with the address listed on the label.
Set a balanced price, but competitive enough with the services of other pet guards or caregivers. For starters, the cost range of 50-150 thousand rupiah for each visit can be the right choice.

Method 3 Get my money
1 Ask for an allowance to your parents. Try asking your parents to pay you to complete certain homework every week. If your parents do not want to give you an allowance for the job, try to explain that by giving you an allowance, you do not have to depend much on your parents every time you go for a walk.
Getting an allowance will feel like a job. By getting paid for the services you provide, you can build a good and useful work ethic when you grow up.
Give a proposal to your parents. Make a schedule in one week and write down the jobs you can do, as well as the right costs for each job. After that, you and your parents can negotiate the pocket money earned.

2 Clean your house . Cleaning your room at home can be a great way to earn an allowance. There are many tasks you can complete to earn extra money, from cleaning windows, wiping furniture, to vacuuming.
Keeping your room clean is not enough to earn extra money. It is possible that your parents feel that you should be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of your own room. Therefore, give a higher offer to clean the other rooms in the house.
Discuss with your parents about the fees for each room or assignment. Maybe the salary earned for cleaning the hallway is not as big as the restaurant cleaning cost because the hallway is not as large as the dining room, and the cleaning takes less time.

3 Do the work outdoors. Seasonal outdoor work can also be a great way to earn extra money because your parents are too busy to do it (or may be reluctant to do it on their own).
Offer yourself to sweep leaves, mow the lawn, and weed the yard. If you live in a country with four seasons, you can offer to dredge the snow from the driveway.
If you do seasonal work consistently, like cutting grass or dredging snow from the driveway, you can talk to your parents about fixed costs every time you finish the job.
If you want to sweep leaves on the lawn, try negotiating an hourly fee with your parents.

Method 4 Getting a Part-Time Job or a Summer Job
1 Try working at a retail store or restaurant. Typically, retail and restaurant stores set an age limit for their workers. However, if you are old enough, getting a part-time job or job in the summer can be a great way to earn money easily and develop a resume.
Today, more and more teenagers are taking part-time jobs as waitresses in restaurants, or working in hotels. Even though it's not a fairly prestigious job, you can get a job like that more easily.
Other retailers such as teenage clothing stores (distros) or big stores like Ace and Yogya can be a great place to work. Try visiting the company's website and look for vacancies available.
When applying for a job and (mainly) following an interview, make sure you wear a neat and polite outfit unless you are asked to wear a particular outfit to the interview session. If you don't have a resume, make sure you can tell about previous achievements. In addition, it would be better if you have references from other people.

2 Be a pool guard or park manager. Another way you can take to earn money easily (and the charm of tan skin) is to be a pool keeper or park manager. Visit the manager of the pool or park in your town and ask about available vacancies and what is required for you to be accepted to work in that place.
Pool guards must undergo special training and have certificates. If you are determined to be a pool keeper, it's good that you follow the right training.
Once you get the certificate, keep in mind that you will not just get the job you want. Therefore, it's good for you to find out in advance whether the manager of the pool or the beach in your city is indeed opening a job. You can also ask your trainer about tips for getting a job.
You can also contact the park manager in your town to find out if there is a special job (especially in the holiday season) that you can take. Sometimes, these jobs include managing a children's event every week or sporting event.

3 Work in the family business. If your parents run a business, find out if your parents allow you to work part-time in the business. This can be an alternative choice to earn an allowance and easier to do than find another job, especially if you do not have work experience or are too young.
Ask if you can clean the shop and get paid per hour.
There may be certain jobs that need to be completed, such as filing letters, filling the envelopes, or even going around the city to simply distribute posters or coupons.
This can also be a good opportunity to develop a resume. Surely this development will help you when you later have to get out of the family business and find another job.

Always set a balanced and competitive fee. Don't set prices that are too high or low.
When looking for a job, contact people you know first. It's possible they can help you get a job.
Be a creative person. Brainstorm with your friends.
If you make money from the internet, create a PayPal account. The PayPal site provides safe services for sending and receiving payments.
Always ask permission from your parents before taking or doing any work.
Show a friendly attitude to the people who hire you.
Make sure you have all the equipment needed to run your business.
When selling drinks, make sure you also provide a variety of flavor choices and set a cheaper price for mineral / fresh water.
If you can make your own handicraft products, you can sell these products on the internet or lemonade booth.
Try to interact with customers so they feel welcomed and want to buy your product again.
Tell me why you need money. If the reason is good, people will be happy to help you.
Always finish your work on time and be polite. If you work, especially for others, be a reliable worker so you can get referrals and find more job opportunities.
Talk to customers. Many people (especially older people) like to chat. Therefore, break their day by talking to them.

When selling products on eBay, make sure you have permission from your parents. Don't let you sell something that your parents still want or need.
In the United States, entering a brochure into someone's mailbox is illegal. In Australia, you can enter brochures or posters into someone's mailbox as long as there are no stickers labeled " No Junk Mail " in the mailbox. In Indonesia alone, you can enter your business brochure or poster into a mailbox, or even leave it at someone's door.
Make sure you get permission from the local government to open the lemonade booth.

4 Methods: Performing a Session Occupation Finding Jobs on the Internet Selling Crafts and Household Goods Working in Service Industry

The job market is a tough place for teenagers, but with perseverance and ingenuity, you can certainly find a way to make money. This wikiHow article contains various ideas on how to make money for teenagers.

Method 1 Doing a Part-time Job
1 Try to be a nanny for your neighbors and family. One of the best ways for teenagers to earn money and help the community is to nurture children. If you are a responsible person and love children, try it. Ask a family friend who has a small child if they need help taking care of a child and start building a client base.
You can start by getting a CPR certificate and taking P3K exercises to make people more confident in entrusting their child to you. Local community centers, hospitals, and the Red Cross usually offer such training for free or for a low fee.
If you don't have the experience of caring for a child and your new client is worried about this shortage, have them give you a trial period. For the first opportunity, take care of their children when they are home and can supervise.

2 Take care of parks and gardens. Most people are too busy to have time to take care of the yard, but they also don't want their yard to look neat or ignored. They will usually gladly pay people to mow the grass, sweep away the dried leaves, or trim the bonsai, especially if they can hire a teenage neighbor or family friend. Start by asking if your neighbors and relatives need help, if this does not show much results, paste the information in the home environment to offer your services.
Overseas, teenagers usually offer to sweep the snow from neighboring driveways or sidewalks in the winter.
You can also consider working in teams with friends or family members to take care of the park. The task must be divided, but the work will be completed faster.

3 Take over the task of cleaning the house. Since you are part of the family, you must have a duty to keep the house clean, but you can also ask the parents to give additional responsibility by getting paid. After all, your parents already have many other tasks and worries, so they will appreciate your help. You can negotiate compensation for half the fees that professionals will require.
Some experts say that parents and teenagers can also negotiate prices based on performance. So, for example, you agree to pay Rp. 30,000 to clean the garage and ditch with standard results. If the results of your work exceed expectations, you can receive payments of up to Rp. 40,000.00 or Rp. 50,000.00. Plans like this will respect your work and also teach you about a better work ethic.

4 Help seniors. The ability to move and the agility of the elderly usually begin to decrease, so they are difficult to do some things that become a daily routine. If in your area there are seniors, ask if you can help them shopping, moving furniture, fixing computer problems, or watering plants. However, make sure the deal is clear to both sides up front because you definitely do not want to do the work you think will be paid, it is only considered as a relief based on kindness.
For example, if your grandfather usually invites his friends every week, ask if you can come to provide services to his friends. Your grandfather can tell his friends that you are looking for extra money, and you can explain what you will do after they all gather.

5 Offer yourself to take a neighbor dog for a walk. Although most people like to walk with their own pet dogs, they are usually too busy to do it. Pet dog welfare is very important to them, so they are willing to spend money on people who want to take over the job. So if you love dogs and have lots of energy, take advantage of that interest and enthusiasm to make money.
Being a pet companion is now easier with the mobile application for job seekers. You can join through an application like that.

6 Give tutoring to your schoolmates. If you are an outstanding student, look for school rules about paid tutoring. You may not be able to teach you blatantly at school or advertise it, but that does not mean you can not teach them privately in a public library or home.
You can also register at online services such as WizIQ or Tutor Hub that connect you with students who need tutoring. Most of these sites require a high school diploma, but there are also more flexible terms.
Do not give up just because you are not a genius. If you are very good at sports, musical instruments, or hobbies such as wood crafts, you can still give private pay courses.

7 Advertise the services you offer. Whatever work you want to do to earn money, you have to pass it on to someone who has the potential to hire you. You can put cheap ads in newspapers or hand out pamphlets, but it might be easier-and usually free-to advertise on the internet. Consider placing ads on popular ad sites or generating interest in your services on social media pages. You'll wonder yourself when you see a lot of people in your social circle who need help with household chores and other small jobs, so spread your ad and see what happens.
After the service you offer starts running, you can consider creating a separate social media account as other small businesses do.
As always, you should be very careful when advertising or doing business on the internet. Make sure your parents know and agree with all the advertisements and forums that you use. For example, if you advertise on Instagram and Facebook, make sure your parents know about these two social media portals and can help you manage them, and ask them to come with you if you get a job to mow the lawn or take care of the child for the first time.

Method 2 Search for Jobs on the Internet
1 Sell stock photos. If you have a pretty good camera and know how to take good pictures, try selling stock photos. Photos don't usually make a lot of money, but remember that you are developing useful skills and a relaxed hobby. Plus, if you devote a lot of time and practice, you can just make a lot of money later.
There are many stock photo agencies that buy photos on the internet, so don't give up if you are rejected by the first place. Companies like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and iStock are some of the biggest buyers, but you can also try exclusive agencies if your photo quality is better.

2 Try a cellphone application that pays services to buy something or go somewhere. If you have a smart phone, you can find an application that brings together local businesses or people who want their work done with paid compensation. Not all of these tasks are paid for with decent money, but it's usually very easy. For example, a business or marketing research company might pay you for your own picture in a certain place, and you can consider it an adventure or a hunt.
Examples of applications like this are GigWalk, WeReward, and CheckPoints, but there are many more out there. Make sure that the program accepts teenagers when you join.
Gambar berjudul Make Money (for Teenagers) Step 10
Take part in internet surveys. Marketing research is a very important part of big business, and paid survey sites are one of the many ways to complete research. Most surveys are quick and unobtrusive, and you can do it from your home computer. Spend some time searching for a trusted site that does not ask for registration fees and accepts teenagers.
In America, filling out surveys is not a very profitable job, the average survey fee is $ 7.00- $ 8.00 per hour, but it's easy and stable.
There is also the opportunity to participate in paid marketing research in focus groups. Unlike internet surveys, focus groups meet face to face and are paid between $ 50.00 and $ 150.00 per hour.

4 Make a YouTube channel. You can make money by uploading videos on free services like YouTube because of ads that are played before and during popular content. Although there are three million users and channels that compete with each other, don't be discouraged before trying. After all, most of the most successful YouTube stars start as teenagers who are looking for extra money while having fun. It's just that, make sure your parents agree to the content you upload and ask for their help to respond to user comments for security.
While vlog may be a fashion and video game guide is the most common type of YouTube content, do not feel limited in this arena only. If you like working on your family or telling jokes or displaying comedy plays in front of your family, consider recording them and upload them to your channel. You can also form a book club or YouTube fan group and lead a discussion about your favorite novels, music and movies.
You can start with a regular laptop camera and home lighting, but if you want higher quality and production value, consider buying a better camera, editing equipment, and professional lighting.

5 Participate in local research. Many universities and drug companies pay people to participate in research or clinical trials. Some of these studies are carried out in the afternoon, while others require long-term commitment, so make sure you've read all the terms and conditions before starting.
To find a trial that will and is currently underway, you can check out the official advertising sites and university websites and clinics.
Most clinical trials are not open to teenagers, but you can find some if looking for special research for teenagers. However, make sure you ask for permission from parents because they have to sign a trial if you are accepted.

Method 3  Selling Handicrafts and Household Items
1 Hold a sale on the home page. Even if you have nothing to sell, your family may have unused items that only fill the place in the house and garage. Ask your parents if they want to tidy up old things and allow you to sell them as long as you are the one who sent them. If they agree, clear your closet, attic, or basement, and advertise the sale you plan on in the home environment.
Although it seems odd, do not put a price on a single item. People usually start bidding at a price that exceeds your expectations, so let them bid before you say anything.
You can make extra money at this event by providing drinks or cheap snacks. If the weather is sunny, offer orange or soda water, if it's cold, offer warm tea.

2 Bring old clothes to a thrift store. Although charities usually receive clothing as donations, thrift stores and consignments will pay some money for used clothing. Collect clothes and accessories that you do not use or like anymore and take them to a thrift store. They probably will not buy it if the model is outdated or the condition is ugly, but you can always donate the clothes they reject.
Make sure you have washed all the clothes that will be offered to the store because cleanliness and conditions will affect their judgment and evaluation.
Consignment shop is the best choice for designer clothes. You do not get money up front, but will get a higher price after the clothes are sold.

3 Enter a collection item or no longer used in online advertising. If you have valuable collections that you are ready to release, you can launch them on websites like Ebay. Unlike random visitors who only pass on the home page when you sell items, here they are interested in what you sell and are willing to pay a higher price.
The most important thing when entering items in online advertising is to include good photos. Buyers will not risk bidding on items if they don't see high-quality detailed images, so use a camera and lighting that is good for photographing items before being advertised.
Make sure you talk about the security of online transactions with previous parents and ask them to accompany if you make a direct transaction.

4 Make handicraft items for sale. If you are good at making things and love art classes, try making craft items for sale on the internet. You can make a bracelet of friendship, jewelry of stone, origami, or shirt screen printing, depending on the equipment you have and how much money you have as capital. Start advertising your handicraft items in personal and mouth-to-mouth social media among friends and family.
Try browsing Etsy to see what options you have and what kind of craft is best selling on this site. Research can save you time and keep you from harming mistakes.
Later, you need to price twice as much as material and production costs, but you also need to start from a medium price so you can build a customer base.
If you are still unsure about opening an online store, try making seasonal craft items while on vacation, which is easy to make and only requires a small investment. For example, you can make christmas decorations and sell them. If the results are good and you enjoy the process, think of opening a more permanent shop.

Method 4 Working in the Service Industry
1 Check if there is a vacancy in the supermarket. Many supermarkets that employ teenagers as fill shopping bags or stock counters, and jobs like this can be used as an experience in a beginner's CV. Your pay will not exceed the minimum wage, but the money is stable and consistent as long as you leave according to working hours and become a reliable employee. Most likely, you will also work while meeting the same-minded teenagers. However, make sure you are able to stand for hours because work like this is very physically demanding.
If you don't have a vehicle, make sure that the store can be reached on foot, or that your parents or siblings are willing to drive every day. If there is a vehicle, make sure you put gasoline into the salary calculation that you will get.

2 Try to be a restaurant waiter. Although most restaurants require servers and bar staff over the age of 18 or 21 years, many also employ teenagers as helpers or bussers , food takers, or delivery service drivers. In this work, you do not interact much with customers, but will gain valuable experience in the restaurant industry and often also receive part of the server tip. This is also physical work because you are expected to stand throughout working hours, so consider if you have a problem with the need to move a lot.
Working in restaurants also has some safety issues, such as slipping and burning, so make sure you comply with all safety regulations before you start work and that you have received adequate training from employers.

3 Work at a fast food restaurant. This is not a glamorous job, but the fast food industry is one of the biggest employers for teenagers around the world. The work is pretty easy, but you should be prepared for high pressure during peak hours. Also, be aware that some labor rights advocates and advocates claim that teenagers should avoid the fast-food industry. They mentioned that some of the reasons employers in the industry use teenage employees are lack of benefits, rights, and education, so do some research before you work in this field.
Just like work in other restaurants, there are several dangers in the workplace that you must know in advance. Slipping, burning, and sores are a number of problems that you might face, as well as the potential for hearing damage from the drive-thru headset .

4 Look for vacancies in recreation. Places like cinemas, playgrounds, swimming pools, etc. are looking for employees from their teens, so consider working in this field if there are vacancies in your area. You have to undergo some training and swimming qualifications if you want to be a beach guard or pool, but there are also many other opportunities that do not require any experience.
In addition, think of seasonal opportunities such as vacation camps and haunted houses during carnivals. This job of recruiting a lot of teenagers, can be the way you expand social interaction, and is almost guaranteed to give you great stories!

Dress well during the interview. First impressions are very important, and a neat appearance will make you look responsible and dedicated.
Think of each job opportunity as more than a way to earn money. All work and work experience providing valuable learning experiences can be used to get better jobs in the future.
A cafe or a department store with bulletin boards is a great place to stick a flyer. Ask for permission in advance with the management.
Maybe this one method is not a popular choice, but lottery prizes and bets are an easy and fun way to get extra pocket money. Ask parents for permission first and see what happens.
Wait a few days after your homework is done. Parents usually do not pay every day.

Be careful when filling out surveys online. Some are just tricks and will send many junk and / or virus e-mails.
Be careful when using services like PayPal when buying and selling on the internet. This service charges a fee from a sale, so make sure you monitor your account with caution.
Make sure you have permission to sell whatever you want to sell. Don't sell items that your parents still want. In addition, consider the personal value of an item before selling it. The price is probably only 100 thousand rupiah, but may have sentimental or nostalgic value for you or your family so that the value may be much greater than 100 thousand rupiah.
Do not stick the pamphlet until you know the rules. For example, you might get into trouble if you put a flyer on a power pole or someone else's mailbox and be fined.