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When is the best time to start a business?

For me, the best time to start a business is when teenagers / young as possible. Why? Because when I was a teenager, someone still had plenty of time to study and fail. Imagine, when someone starts a business at the age of 55, then the business fails and drains the person's money. How many risks and dependents must he bear?

Nevertheless, that does not mean we cannot start a business at a young age. (also read: Starting a Business at a Young Age .)

So, if you are young and want to start a business, what steps should be taken? What businesses can teenagers start? Here's the full answer. If after reading this article you have a question / want a discussion, you can contact me via email. Please contact me on this page : contact page .

I first did business at the age of 14. At that time I was in third grade junior high school, going to high school. The business I run is selling blogging services. So, I provide services for anyone who wants to create a blog. At that time, my clients, among others, micro-SME business and MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Although the results I got from the business were not many, but I got many valuable lessons.

This is a business idea / ways that teenagers can make money. Teenagers I mean in this paper are those aged 12 - approaching the age of 20 years.

1. Become a Les Privat Teacher
When I was in my first year of college, I found several friends who were lecturing while teaching. They work as private tutors. Generally, they work on a part-time basis. So, in the morning until noon they go to college, then in the afternoon they teach. Fields are also diverse. Some are doing general school lessons (such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.) to special lessons (such as music or foreign languages).

If you have enough knowledge (even many) in a field, then you can teach. Especially if you really like interacting with children or friends of your age, you can be a private tutor. To get started, you can contact the course providers / les around you. Ask if they have vacancies for part-time teachers. If available, then you can start from there.

2. Sell Design Services
Well this is suitable for you who likes or have skills in the field of design. I have several times to use the services of designers on the internet. The average I employ is designers who are still in school / college. Design services that you present for example: book cover design services, logo design services, banner design services, website design services, and more.

The most you need to get started is design skills . Make sure you are able to use apps like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or image processing app. If you are able to create logos, book covers, or other designs, you can start selling your services. You can sell services through your social media account (eg: on Facebook), on your blog, or using sites like Sribu.com, Projects.co.id, and so on.

Site Projects.com.

To know what price you should offer, you can research on freelancer sites on the internet. You can choose to sell according to the market price, or you add a special component in your price. Examples of these particular components are your design authenticity, length of time, work difficulty, and more.

3. Become an Article Writer
One of my college friends became a writer at Trivia.id. He also get income from the writings that he loaded in the media. The emergence of many online media makes this business potential grow. You can be a writer in the online media that many emerging. You can work as a part-time writer / contributor.

Or another method is that you provide article writing services. Your job is to create content for a particular company / business website. You will be paid based on the number of articles you write.

Usually, the rate used is per 100 words. Suppose the rate per 100 words is 4000 Rupiah. Within a month, you write 20 articles, each article with 600 words.

Thus, for a month you write 12,000 (20 articles x 600 words). If per 100 words, you get paid 4,000 Rupiah, then in a month your income is 120 x 4,000 Rupiah = 480.000 Rupiah. That's if you serve one client, imagine if you serve multiple clients at once. The more the number of orders the article, then of course the greater your income.

I once run this business (when high school). The skills you need are writing skills. If you really like writing and want to read a lot, then you can go into this business. All you need to do is offer your services. You can offer services through blogs, social media accounts, or freelancer sites that exist on the internet.

4. Selling Online
Doing business online shop into one of the trends in young children. Young people are familiar with social media, so they also use social media to sell. When I was in high school (even during college), some of my friends also pursue online shop business. Yes even if there are successful or fail, it is commonplace in business.

All you need to do is you can sell certain items on the internet. The goods you sell can be fashion , accessories, books, DIY products ( Do it yourself ), handicrafts (such as flannel ornaments, key chains, pins, etc.), as well as other products. For those who like to play games can sell game accessories, supporting equipment (such as mouse and other equipment).

To get a product, you can work with certain online stores that are already large or from other product suppliers. Forms of cooperation that can be done in the form of dropshipping , reseller , and others.

For sales media, you can sell using social media, your own blog / online store, buying and selling forums, or even WhatsApp or LINE accounts.

5. Become an Affiliate Marketer
This is similar to selling online. It's just that, your job is more to market a product. For example like this. I have an online writing course on MiracleMenulis.com . In this course I guide people to become writers and publish books. Well, you can help get a member for this course. Every time you successfully bring a member to my course, you will get a commission from me. Well, that's the commission that became your income .

So, your job is to market a product. When the product is sold thanks to your efforts, you will get a commission . One of my book readers, still in high school, managed to get his first 500 thousand when running affiliate marketing.

Testimony of one of the book readers Affiliate Marketing Capital Kneel.

To become an affiliate marketer , you need to work with the owner of a particular product. The owner of this product can be a large online store (such as Amazon, Lazada, Mataharimall, etc.), certain websites (like my web page), or other parties. Once you are registered as their affiliate marketer , you can start marketing their products.

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, please read my book this: Affiliate Marketing Capital Kneel .

6. Become Blogger
If you love to write, then you can be a blogger. You can create a blog with a specific topic, then you monetize the blog. My friend, an English education student, made a blog about learning English. The blog he started while still in college majoring in English education. When he graduated too, the blog still generate income for him. My friend monetized the blog with the Google AdSense program.

If you have a blog that people visit, you can work with business owners. You can invite business owners to advertise on your blog. Or, you can also become a publisher of PPC advertising ( Pay Per Click ) on the internet. By becoming a publisher of PPC ads, you will show ads on your blog. When the ad is clicked by a visitor, you will be paid a sum of money. Examples of PPC advertising service providers, for example: Google AdSense, Infolinks, IdBlogNetwork, and many more.

Want to be a blogger? Want to be guided step by step? Let's study on this site: GuideBlogging.com . You can learn for free.

Free online blogging courses, visit the GuideBlogging.com site.

7. Become a Social Media Admin
Technology can be a promising business field for milineal generation. Why? Because we are already familiar with technology since we were born / grow. One of the business ideas in technology is you provide social media admin services. You are in charge of managing social media accounts for accounts on the internet (whether it's a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LINE official, etc.). Your clients can be business owners of SMEs around you, blog owners / webs who have no time managing social media accounts, or other parties in need.

The task of a social media admin is usually:

post content for social media accounts,
reply to messages / comments from followers / audiences,
To run this business, the skills you need include: the ability to use social media for marketing purposes, the skills to bring content, and you must be familiar with the social media you manage.

For business content you need not worry. Why? Because the content can usually be obtained on the internet. You just need to rewrite / reproduce the content.

My advice: make this business a stepping stone . That is, once you get used to managing social media accounts, improve your skills. It is not impossible that one day you will become a social media specialist or even a digital marketing consultant that serves big companies. Don't forget to learn communication and public relations skills .

8. Become Buzzer / Influencer / Endorser
You must have seen Instagram accounts, Twitter, or other social media that mengendorse certain products / figures. Especially in the season before the election, then began scattered buzzer who campaigned a certain political figure. If you are interested, you can live this kind of profession. Your task is to endorse a product / character / an idea (idea) particular.

In order to perform endorse activities, you need to have lots of followers in social media. Why? Because the more your followers, then the company / character will be more interested to use your services. Typically, this buzzer / influencer / endorser is mostly lived by the artist / public figure. Their rates are also very expensive for one endorse. Per endorse can reach millions of Rupiah.

If you're interested in running this business, then start developing a social media account with a specific segment. Suppose you target your social media account for the youth segment, the young mother segment, office workers, etc. Then increase your follower count. After your followers quite a lot, then offer endorse services. You can offer endorse services through the description / bio of your social media account, through a special website, or by joining certain platforms / introductions, such as at Sociabuzz.com.

Site Sociabuzz.com you can use to get clients who want to use your endorse services.

9. Become a YouTuber
YouTubers also include professions that you can pursue. This profession is synonymous with work full of passion , spirit of work, and very young people. Besides being a blogger, I also took part in becoming a YouTuber. You can do the same thing too.

Where's the money coming from ?

The income of a YouTuber is usually obtained from advertisements / sponsors. This advertisement / sponsor can be obtained from:

join the Google AdSense for YouTube / YouTube Ads program .
sponsorship of a particular company / brand .
For the first way, the YouTuber will monetize its channels and videos. So when you watch the YouTuber video, you will see an ad. This ad is advertising from YouTube, its ads can be displayed at the beginning of the video, in the form of banner ads on the right side of the page, or banner ads in the video. Every time you watch an ad / click on the ad, the YouTuber will earn an income.

As for the second way, YouTuber can work with certain business owners / products. Well, later the business owner's product will be promoted in the video of the YouTuber. The form of promotion can be in the form of video reviews, product placements, and so on. Sure, the business owner must pay the YouTuber.

If you are interested in being a YouTuber, you need to do something like:

Start your YouTube channel . Focus your channel on one particular topic, it could be a topic you're interested in. Suppose if you like photography, then you can create a channel about photography. Next, fill in the channel with your videos.
Increase your video viewership . After you regularly upload videos to YouTube, then share the video in other places (such as on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The goal is that you immediately get a video audience. Do not forget, invite the audience was to subscribe in your channel.
Start monetizing videos . After your audience is quite a lot, then you can activate the monetization feature on YouTube. That way, you can immediately serve ads on your channel.
If you're interested in learning more about YouTube, you can read and subscribe to articles on my blog: GuideYouTubeMarketing.com .

10. Become a writer
This idea is suitable for those of you who have dreams of writing and publishing their own books. Where's the money coming from ? The money will be obtained from the sale of the books you wrote. In essence, your income is earned from royalties.

What is the concept of an author's work? How much is the income of an author, and how to start being a writer? Please refer to the following articles.

How much Passive Income Can a Writer Get?
How to Become Author: 5 Stages of Writing and Publishing Books
How to Become a Writer: 3 Publishing Paths You Need to Know

11. Become a Photographer / Videographer Freelancer
This idea is suitable for those of you who have photography / videography skills. Your job is to serve clients who need photography / videography services. You can choose either, whether it's photography or videography. Or if indeed you control both, then you run both these services.

Of course the skills needed are photography or videography skills. For this videography skill, for example the ability to make interesting video concepts, take pictures, and include video editing skills. You can serve photography / videography services for weddings, corporate events (eg gathering with customers), graduations, and so on. Or you can also become a specialist in photography of fashion products, culinary products, and so on.

Again, one of my classmates also pursued this business. He has been a freelance photographer since he was in high school. If you are interested, you can try the same thing.

Other Important Things ...
Of all the ideas above, each idea has a different level of difficulty and process. If you want money fast, then ideas like opening an online shop, selling photography services, selling design services, selling article services are a great idea. Why? Because you can immediately start and sell immediately. When your services / products are sold, you will instantly earn money.

But for ideas like being a writer, blogger, YouTuber, or being an endorser is not an instant process in a matter of days or weeks. For example, to develop an interesting blog, have many visitors, it takes months.

Another consideration in choosing a business idea for young people is to find out a business that is roughly suitable for you . I chose to be a blogger, YouTuber, and writer because I really like and have skills in that field. You can choose the areas of business that best suit your interests.

About skill need not worry. As long as you are diligent and willing to learn, you must master those skills. I've proved this. Some of my skills (such as the ability to write, develop websites, digital marketing), I learned self-taught.

The most important thing is you dare to start and want to study in that field .

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