ways for kids to make money

3 Methods: Make Money at Home Make Money in Your Neighborhood Make Money in Your City

So you're a bit too young to start selling stocks, but you're old enough so you need a little income. What will you do? Well, you're lucky. There are dozens of ideas waiting to be implemented. Read it!

Method 1 Make Money at Home
1 Do house chores. In addition to your weekly or monthly snack money, ask your parents if you can do extra work to earn more money. Make sure you discuss specific things!
Negotiate your acceptable price. But consider your limit - if mowing is valued at Rp 100,000, - once, this does not mean you can mow the lawn 3 times a day.
Get paid to clean the page. This could mean sweeping leaves, picking up trash, or getting rid of useless items in the yard.
Wash your parents' car. They will gladly pay you to do this instead of going to a car wash. However, you have to invest money to buy washing utensils, such as a sponge and a bucket.
Clean the whole house. You can offer cleaning the house to prepare for a party, or do it spontaneously. However, if you did not discuss this with your parents before, then maybe you will not be paid. Conversely, you can also be paid more for doing good things like this for them!

2 Write a book. Yes, this one does look too difficult, but actually it can be done, and in fact, this has been done before. You do not have to write a classic Greek book - you just write a book.
Yes, your parents must help you print and publish it, but this is all about file and red ribbon affairs. After your book is published, friends, family, and neighbors would want to buy a coffee. And who knows? Maybe your book will become popular!

3 Resell your goods online. If your eyes will be sharply priced and sharply sold items, this could be a good option for you. If you have something now that you do not use but may be used by others, it means money. If you don't have one, look for it.
Start to be an expert shopping. If you see an attractive offer, buy it! The netbook sells for $ 85? You can sell it online for twice the price after the Black Friday period. You do need some money in this case, but you will benefit in the long run.
Again, you will need parental help. To have an eBay account, you must be 18 years of age or older. Ask your people for help. They may be impressed on your business instinct!

4 Recycle. Okay, this might not be the most profitable way, but it's very easy to do. All your soda, friends, and family (and neighbor) cans cost 5 cents for each tin. 100 cans means Rp.50,000. And all you have to do is drink soda!
Ask your family or close neighbors to store their cans for you - they may be happy to recycle and not have to go to the store to do it themselves.

Method 2 Make Money in Your Neighborhood
1 Start taking care of babies or pets. If you are old enough and begin to be trusted, you might be able to start caring for other children and / or pets. Babysitting may be difficult - so if you are not experienced, keep caring for your puppy.
If looking for a pet care job is difficult, try to take the dog for a walk. Your elderly neighbor will not forbid Fluffy to walk in the afternoon. Some adults are too busy or physically unable to take their dogs for a walk - ask if you can do it for them at a low price.

2 Use the seasons to benefit you. If you live in an area where there are 4 seasons, you are lucky. Every season has something that can make money - you just have to work outside!
Ask your parents, neighbors, and family friends if you can cut their grass during spring and summer, sweep leaves in autumn, or shovel snow in the winter. You will need a lawn mower, a ground fork, or a shovel, but the houses you visit may have it for you to use.

3 Join the neighborhood bazaar. You have lots of idle toys behind your closet, which you haven't played for months, piled under clothes that were too small from last year. So why waste space? Sell the toys!
Search for local newsletters, newspapers, or events. Sometimes these are just a few blocks away . You can book a place or ask adults if you can borrow a little of their space - but you have to come to the show to help them!

4 Do small tasks and work for neighbors. This is the time when you present yourself to be very important. If Mr. and Mrs Wheeler from the end of the road know that a physically capable young man will mow their grass, wash the car, help paint the garage, or go to the pharmacy for them with pleasure (and a reasonable fee), they may not will call family members or professionals for help.
Tell the neighbors you know (avoid talking to strangers!) That you are looking for some small work there and here. Most people want to get things done but keep looking for reasons to postpone them. Ask them what you can do and tell them that you will be happy to help.

Method 3 Make Money In Your City
1 Use your surroundings. If you are in an area that naturally produces something that people want, take advantage. Not everyone has these resources, if you can pay close attention.
If Mistletoe grows in the hills around your house, start collecting it! You can start the feel of a vacation by traveling from house to house and selling it. If the beach is near you, think about what you can do with sand, shells, or other beach objects.

2 Be a newspaper deliveryer. You will have to get up very early, but the money is worth it and this is a good sport. You may know someone who has done this before - if not, then that means you have not asked enough!
You may be able to get delivery routes around your neighborhood. Ask your parents about this and look for options in your local newspaper.

3 Tutor. If you are brilliant in a subject, you may be a tutor for younger students - at any school in your area, if you own a vehicle. Explore the world online and talk to your teachers - they might even show you some kids who need help.
Maintain your good values! If not, you might no longer be able to become a tutor. Who knows learn can make money?

4 Selling handicrafts. If you are artistic, use it well. You have to work from a child's point of view, or maybe make a very, very good work, but both are a good way to make money. Choose your craft type and get around in your neighborhood, show off your dimpled smile and white teeth. Who can refuse to buy what you sell with a face and smile like that?
Think of holiday days. What can you make and maybe people will love for Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year? Can people buy your handicrafts as gifts for others?

Use the task book while you are doing your home tasks. It will be easier to do it with this book.
Give a reasonable price; your parents will not pay a fortune just to clean your furniture or your room.
Have your parents sign a contract. Make sure this contract says that you get paid for every task you do, not only if you do all the homework in a day. This will help you get paid. It will also show you how serious you are!
Do the tasks without waiting for them to tell you, and they will most likely give you money.

Make sure the prices are approved first, to avoid later arguments.
Do not overcharge, or you will have trouble getting a job or selling your things.
Do not preoccupy running a business.

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