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Money, MONEY, is a word without which we can feel gloom, 'they' are very well known in the eyes of adult businessmen to small children, we all know what money functions - that is one of the benchmarks of one's success. In this metropolitan era, age does not affect one's success, does not recognize the high degree, and does not see the status of people. Whether friends are still on high school education, friends can with great effort, make money, both in the real world and the 'virtual world'. The virtual world here means we make money through online. Uuuwaahh !! It turns out we can make money online.

Why are students under 18 looking for money?

With today's adolescent thinking, they should have creative thinking, highly skilled, high competitiveness, and curiosity.

With these four factors, friends are already able to start doing business online. Where when friends have been successful, the result of the best effort can be to add pocket money friends, buy school supplies. and the most important. Buying Experience.

Unfortunately the teens are now using the internet to play games and social media . It may also include you, now many students who overdose time for ngegame and social media. No need to ask, even small children in my habitat alone already have a smartphone.

Let us imagine, on average we are interneting about two-three hours per day. Means that if it is calculated for a year, we are addicted to the internet around 10800 hours per year. And what do we get from the 10800 hours? Everything only contains empty things.

Don't Waste Your Time, Bro.

Now we think, why don't we use the 10800 hours for beneficial activities that bring profit?

Therefore, let's, with me, and friends, learn to do business. Here's a complete list: 10 business opportunities for students under the age of 18!

1. Do a Survey and make money faster
Survey is one of the fastest ways to make money in just one hour. And students are very likely to become surveyor candidates. Simply by issuing an opinion of friends given by the company.

We can work on surveys to generate dollar coffers. Survey. How to work Survey here usually you are given a question, and available some answer choices. You need to choose one definite answer among several options.

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2. Come on, make money through PTC (Pay To Click)
Maybe you are still too "small" or relatively still a child, and you still stutter technology and the internet world such as blogging, writing articles but want to work online. PTC is the easiest way. In the paid to click program you need to do just click on each ad provided by the provider. Then you will be paid every single ad you click. Easy is not it? Although this is a quick way to make money, but there are some weaknesses if you use this PTC.
The number of ad providers is very small
Maximum, friends can only get 5 ads per day
You will only get 0.01 dollars per click, to buy a fry need to be repaid

Or you might have a friend or join a particular community, you can use "refer link" to recommend your friends to want to follow paid to click programs. If he signed up thanks to your "refer link", you will get an additional 50% commission for successfully inviting your friend.

3. Play a game and earn money, don't believe !?
If you love playing online games, some of you may know that games can also provide sustenance. See the fact that game developers will hire some gamers to play online for several hours. Then you are told to express your opinion about online game reviews. So developers can improve the quality of the game. This is usually called "sample".

This is natural, because by spending a few dollars, a gaming company can save millions of dollars. So, both game developers and gamers benefit. This is commonly called "symbiotic mutualism".

4. You hobby Photographing, your shots can bring blessings
Hobby Take pictures - just sell

Make money through a camera - For those of you who have talent in the field of photography and aspire to become photographers, why haven't you tried to become a photographer since students? You can go for a walk and capture every photo, then you sell via online? If your picture is good, the price can reach a price of up to $ 5. Wow great right? You can get lots of photos just by looking at the surrounding environment, for example: want to take pictures of animals, to the zoo.

5. Article Writing
Write Article and get money

Are you good at stringing words or like writing? it turns out your hobbies can also make money. You can offer article writing services. The article can be in the form of tutorials, news, SEO, Entertainment.

The advantage is that you can work without time-bound, so it's fun. Moreover, the price of professional articles ranges from $ 3 - $ 100!

6. Selling your work is easier on online trading sites
Creative friends creative and creative, the work of friends much preferred? Why aren't friends selling and online promotions at once? The work of friends will not grow rapidly if not to the outside audience. Friends need to promote. There are many ways to make your masterpiece famous
Advertise on television at a price of Rp. 10,000,000 every single time
Advertise in IDR 700,000 newspaper - classified ads
Place a banner, 250,000 for permission, or
Promote online at the lowest cost around free?

Well for that, let's use the internet, there are many sites that we can use for free, either through social media or buying and selling sites, such as and tokobagus?

Yes, Yes, Yes. I know there is a place to buy and sell used goods. But I am sure the masterpiece of a companion is also definitely processed from the goods brisk? So why don't you try it ?! Sendal aja sold on the trade hehehe.
Well, if friends are confident that the creativity of the companions can compete with international creative products, why are not friends introduced to the world on Amazon or e-bay?

7. Affiliate Program, make enough money with recommendations
Method: Earn Money with Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the simplest methods, you can generate high earnings simply by suggesting a product or service to your friends, then you will get a commission of a few percent of the price of the product your friend bought. The term, you are a salesperson.

How the affiliate program works is that you see / buy a product from a site / company. You intend to tell your friend the product with your recommendation. If your friend buys the item or service, then you will get a commission from the provider.

Amazon and Ebay are 2 sites that provide the largest affiliate program. In fact, one of the affiliate programs for blogs.

8. Be Famous and Rich suddenly with Youtube -an
Anyone likes to watch TV, and anyone can not refuse when offered to be an artist. Hmm ... but it turns out tv entry is not that difficult, now there is Youtube, "TV online". The world's largest video broadcast venue, even the top 10 most visited sites to visit, with millions of streaming videos available.

For you who want to make money and become famous at once, Youtube is the ideal place where you can make it happen. Already many people have managed to make a profit through Youtube, simply by linking your yutub channel with adsense.

How Ads Work

How it works at the beginning of each video will appear ads within a video of a few seconds. You will be paid when the video ad is clicked, or based on how much the video ad is viewed.

Now for the types of videos that can be uploaded, videos such as Tutorials, Travel Videos, Culinary Videos, and Entertainment are the most convincing to be successful youtuber.

9. Make Money fun with blogging
Many success stories of bloggers ranging from students, students, to successful housewives through online, most work as full time bloggers. For example Mbak Indri Lidyawati, founder of this juragancipir is a housewife.

But we do not discuss success stories, because it is usually not recorded how and their strategies for success. The most important thing is .. Do it Now!

How can blogs make money? ie friends are told to make articles 'stir' and make your blog famous. And make sure your blog does not violate the law. Then, money.

There are several ways to monetize blogs >> from using advertising providers, affiliate programs, exhibiting products through blogs, SEO contests, and others.

Joining google adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising program owned by Google, Inc. And the largest in the world, Google Adsense controls almost 70% of the online advertising market. And 40% of adsense ads are linked to blogs managed by teenagers. Because it takes an age of 18 years and over who is allowed to monetize using adsense, google allows teenagers under the age of 18 years provided with the consent of parents.
Google Adsense is perfect for a friend's blog because in addition to adjusting to the theme - a friend's niche blog, it also adjusts the interest of visitors. So the more likely the clicks.

Earn more money with Hubpages or Squidoo

Blogging Site

Building a large blog takes a very long time, but, for friends who do not want to need a way that is too gradual, please try Hubpages or Squidoo. These two sites are well-known blogging sites that allow users to monetize their articles with adsense. After you write a professional article and get thousands of visits, your adsense revenue can improve.

Indeed, all the choices of 'business' online are very steep like reaching the top of a mountain, but believe me, when you have reached the top, you will see the beautiful scenery, and the fresh air. As long as we can manage our online and offline activities, I'm sure we can be successful.

I hope some of the above money making friends can help you succeed. Stop wasting your time with monotonous activities, Facebook, gaming, and fuel overdose . Because everything that is excessive is bad and only wastes time.

* actually there are many ways, but what I noted is a general way, aka famous ways to generate extra money without stress. Lots of other interesting methods. For the most convincing method, my advice would be to choose to create a blog then associate with adsense or affiliate programs, and use YouTube because blogs and youtube can be interrelated

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