ways for kids to make money

Who among you often wonders, can you get money when you were in high school?

The answer can be really. Especially in the modern era like today, where many things you can do to scoop up the coffers of money even though still a student.

Therefore, this time DuitPintar will share information on how to earn extra money even though you are still a student. These include:

1. Author
Writing hobbies and many say your writing is good? It's a pity if your expertise is wasted.

Because it would be nice if you use your writing skills to scoop up the money coffers, one of them being a freelance.

Especially now that already a lot of sites that will pay for your writing such as Uc News, Getcraft, Babe and more.

For example one article you valued Rp 30 thousand, if you write one day one, meaning in one week you will get additional money amounting to Rp 210 thousand (Rp 30 thousand x 7).

Really not right?

2. Blogger
Have a blog and have lots of followers? It's a pity if you just leave it alone. Because you can get from your blog, you know.

How to do?

Since the beginning of creating a blog, of course you already have a concept or focus on one area such as fashion, cosmetics and others.

For example if you are a makeup blogger , you can focus on product reviews . Give the reviews are complete and attractive with so sooner or later there will be a brand that offers services to endorse .

Not bad if for one endorse you are paid Rp. 500 thousand.

3. Online shop business
Now much can be done to get money, one of which is with an online shop business .

Well, you can start trying a small online shop business like clothes or hijab which is now selling very well on the market.

4. Credit sales
Credit sales can also be one of your alternative ways to get additional money.

You can offer your classmates first. This business usually quickly spreads mouth to mouth.

Not bad if one school buys credit with you, even though the profits are small but if you buy a lot you can make a decent amount of money.

5. Internet cafe keeper
Go home from school, why do not you get extra money for one of them by being a cafe keeper.

In addition to money every month, you can also use the free internet you know. Not bad so do not need to spend money if you want ngerjain PR school.

6. Service type
You can type and fast and neat? Well, you can really use your skills to open typewriter services.

Only with a laptop, you can already collect money. Fairly so right so do not need to ask for money again with parents snack?

7. Shopkeeper
One other way you can do to earn extra money is to become a store clerk.

Instead of you being confused about going home from school, what are you doing, better use your time to get money right.

Within a month you can pocket income Rp 500 thousand - Rp 1 million you know.

8. Teacher of the child
English bride? Hmm ... why don't you use your English language skills to get extra money, one of them being a children's tutor.

If you only come for one time, you are paid Rp 100,000 and there are three children in one month eight meetings.

Means that in one month you can get IDR 100 thousand x 3 = IDR 300 thousand x 8 = IDR 2.4 million.

Not bad can be both money and share knowledge as well. No doubt about it.

9. Dropshipper
Do not have enough money to open an online shop but want to earn extra money?

Don't be discouraged first, because you can still make extra money anyway by becoming a dropshipper .

Not out of capital but make money. When are you trying?

10. Work at the cafe
You can also make a choice at the cafe to get additional money.

It's pretty good if in one month you can earn IDR 1.5 million to IDR 2 million. Wow, can you pay for your own school tuition fees?

11. The babysitter
Like the kids? Even you can bathe and persuade children to want to eat. Hmm ... why don't you try to be a babysitter?

Besides making happy because you like children, you can also make money right? You can get additional money of around Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 700 thousand a month.

12. Photographer
Many say that your shots are good? Do not hesitate again yes to earn extra money to be a photographer.

Not bad if you get paid Rp 500 thousand to Rp 1 million for prewedding services .

13. Packing and transfer services
Now many people choose to use moving and packing services for moving home.

Well, you can take advantage of this moment to work on moving services. You can get a fee of Rp 200 to Rp 300 thousand for one move.

14. Driver online
Take the vehicle to school? Why don't you just become an online driver ?

Not bad if in one day you can take five passengers? Not to mention tips given.

Wow, if you collect it for a month maybe you can get more than Rp. 1 million.

15. Food sales
Can you make snacks like donuts, rice cakes and more? You can send your home made food to the school cafeteria.

If only one meal you profit is Rp. 500 and every day 30 meals are sold. Means that in a day you can pocket IDR 500 x 30 = IDR 15,000.

So do not need to ask snack again deh same parents. Right right?

Well, that's 15 ways to get additional money for those of you who are still high school students. Even from that income, you can already pay your own school you know. Wow!

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